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The 48th Amsterdam International Go Tournament
a European Go Federation bonus points tournament (level B) - Thursday, May 30 – Sunday, June 2, 2019

With its first edition taking place in 1971, this is one of the longest running go tournaments in Europe. The event is held over 4 days, starting on Ascension day, with a unique time setting of 90 minutes per person, per game. It takes place in the European Go Cultural Centre in Amstelveen (address: Schokland 14) and is co-organised by the Dutch Go Association and the EGCC.

Main Event

7 rounds McMahon, 90 minutes + 1 x 30 seconds byo-yomi. Japanese rules, 6.5 komi.

Registration and the first round take place on Thursday. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday there are two rounds per day.
EuroGoTV will be present to live broadcast the top boards on KGS. Special guest this year will be DeepMind ambassador Fan Hui 2p, who will be present on Thursday 30th of May. In the evening of the opening day, Fan Hui will present a lecture about the AlphaGo Teaching Tool. For this special occasion, there will also be a screening of the documentary film AlphaGo. Rob van Zeijst 7d, multiple-times European champion, will be the official commentator of the tournament: during the entire event he will provide game commentaries and a simultaneous. Feel free to approach both of them during the breaks of the tournament, they will happily review your games with you.
For further information, see Program below.


Wednesday, May 29
20:00 – 23:00 Blitz tournament for early arrivals at the location of the Amsterdam Go Club: Café Batavia 1920, Prins Hendrikkade 85. The tournament is organised by the club, is open to anyone and free of charge.

Thursday, May 30
12:00 – 13:30 Registration
13:35 – 13:55 Opening ceremony
14:00 – 17:30 Round 1
18:30 – 20:00 AlphaGo Lecture by Fan Hui 2p
20:00 - 21:30 Screening of the documentary film AlphaGo

Friday, May 31
09:30 – 13:00 Round 2
14:00 – 17:30 Round 3
19:30 – 23:00 DNM Rapid, Qualifiers (3 rounds, 30 minutes sudden death p.p.)

Saturday, June 1
09:30 – 13:00 Round 4
14:00 – 17:30 Round 5
17:00 – 20:00 Food
19:30 – 23:00 DNM Rapid, Finals (Quarter Finals, Semi Finals, Final)
19:30 – 23:00 Simultaneous matches by Rob van Zeijst 7d

Sunday, June 2
09:30 – 13:00 Round 6
14:00 – 17:30 Round 7 --- Live commentary of the final by Rob van Zeijst 7d
17:45 – 18:15 Prize-giving ceremony

Registration 2019 is open!
Register Early to get the best price!


Untill April 14th

€25 weekend-only
Pay till April 14th

From April 15th

€30 weekend-only
Pay till May 14th

From May 15th

€35 weekend-only
Pay from May 15th

Condition: You must register and pay in advance. If you register and pay at the door, the rate is €60 for all events, €40 for just the weekend.
Exception: Registrants from countries where it is difficult and/or expensive to transfer money to the Netherlands may pre-register online and pay cash at the door, and will pay the locked-in price that was current at their time of registration.

- There is a SPECIAL DISCOUNT for participants of the European Pair Go Championship that takes place in Groningen from 25-26 May. If you take part in this event and the AIGT, your entry fee is reduced by 15 euros! If you wish to use this discount, please make a note of it during registration.
- There is a discount of €5 for all players aged under 18 and/or ranked as double digit kyu (10 kyu or weaker).
- There is a discount of €5 for members of the Dutch Go Association (NGoB).

These discounts add up. For example, if you are both under 18 and a member of the Dutch Go Association, your total discount is €10.
Discounts apply to any base price, for the main event or for weekend only registrations.

Participation in the Rapid Tournament is free for participants of the Main Event. For players who only play the weekend of the Main Event, the Rapid costs an additional €5.
If you only want to play in the Rapid Tournament, the participation fee is €10.


Please transfer your participation fee to:
IBAN: NL21 INGB 0000 7332 53
Name: St. Go Centre Evenementen


Total prize money at the top of the tournament: 1800 euros.

1st place: €750.
2nd place: €500.
3rd place: €250.
4th place: €150.
5th place: €100.
6th place: €50

Additionally, there will be goodie prizes for players with 5-7 wins out of 7 games.

On top of that, the European Go Cultural Centre sponsors prizes for the top three women players:
1st place: €150.
2nd place: €100.
3rd place: €75.

Side events

Wednesday: Batavia Blitz

A free blitz tournament for early arrivals will be held on Wednesday evening in Cafe Batavia 1920, Prins Hendrikkade 85, Amsterdam (across the street from Amsterdam Central Station). This is the location of the Amsterdam Go Tournament, where it is possible to enjoy a nice pub meal before the start of the blitz.

Friday & Saturday: DNM Rapid Tournament

On Friday and Saturday evening, a Rapid Tournament sponsored by DNM-ICT will be held. Thinking times of 25 minutes per person, sudden death (!).
Friday evening there will be three qualifier rounds, Saturday evening will have the best 8 players playing in the Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals and Finals. Participation is free to anyone who is registered for the main event, costs €5 extra for weekend-only participants, or €10 as a single event.
NOTE: The Rapid Tournament does not count for EGF rating points.

Prize money of the DNM Rapid:
1st place: €100.
2nd place: €60.
3rd place: €40.

About the European Grand Prix

The Amsterdam International Go Tournament has been part of the European Grand Prix cycle since its inception in 2014.
The European Grand Prix is a series of tournaments that takes place from 1st of January until the 31st of December each year.
The idea of the Grand Prix is to have a system honouring / measuring the performance of active Go players.
The EGF uses the results of the Grand Prix as the main guideline whenever the EGF has the right to nominate players for international events in the Far East
For more information on the bonus points tournaments:


Please send us an e-mail at
Have a look at our Facebook page for pictures and tournament updates.

Our Sponsors

The Amsterdam Internation Go Tournament is sponsored by

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Prins Hendrikkade 85, 1012 AE Amsterdam




Please check the information below yourself. It might not be up-to-date. When you find that to be the case, please inform us

It is recommended to arrange your accommodation in Amsterdam as early as possible. The city is visited by many tourists and whatever kind of place you are planning to stay at will be overbooked during the period of the tournament.

Our recommendation for cheap facilities is camping site Het Amsterdamse Bos. This camping is not far from the tournament site. Prizes range from about € 10,- to € 25,- p.p.p.n. for tent, caravan and camper sites and cabins, chalets and cottages.

Another possibility would be Camping Zeeburg, tel.: +31-20-6944430. Prices range from about € 11,50 to € 27,- p.p.p.n. for tent, caravan and camper sites and cabins, chalets and cottages.

Youth Hostels

The Flying Pig, Vossiusstraat 46 (Vondelpark), tel. +31-20-4004187 or Nieuwendijk 100, tel. +31-20-4206822. Starting at € about 26,-.
Stayokay, Zandpad 5 (Vondelpark), tel. +31-20-5898996. Starting at € 32.50.
The Globe, Oudezijds Voorburgwal 3, tel. +31-20-4217424. Starting at about € 35.00.

Private accommodation

There is a limited number of private accommodations, so please ask us in advance.
You can also have a look at

Hotels near the tournament site:
Prices start at about € 45 p.p.p.n. We can recommend the Abina Hotel, Amsterdamseweg 193, Amstelveen, tel. +31-20-6401101.

Hotels in Amsterdam city centre:
Prices in the city centre start at about € 50 p.p.p.n.
Hotel Kap, Den Texstraat 5b, tel. +31-20-6245908.
Hotel Asterisk, Den Texstraat 16, tel. +31-20-6262396.
Budget Hotel Euphemia, Fokke Simonszstraat 1-9, tel. +31-20-6229045.

For further information on accommodation and activities in Amsterdam:
I amsterdam
Information on hotels in Amsterdam
Tourist information
Find and book hotel accommodation with
Plan your local trip with public transport
Information on parking in general and cheap parking in Amsterdam


# First Name Last Name Rank Rating Country Club
1 Yu-Ming Lu 5 dan NL
2 Youngsam Kim 8 dan 2811 DE JIGS
3 YAN ZENG 13 kyu FR
4 YAN ZENG 13 kyu FR
5 Xiaocheng (Stephen) Hu 5 dan 2474 DE Berlin
6 Xi He 1 kyu NL
7 William Wandel 1 kyu NL Amsterdam
8 Willem Hendriks 1 kyu 1919 NL -geen-
9 Wagner Gabriel 3 dan 2301 DE JIGS
10 Thibault Pillon 1 dan 2080 BE LLN
11 Teake Haagsma 4 kyu NL Amstelveen
12 Tanguy Le Calvé Professional 2620 NL Nantes Yosakura
13 Sumio Kawabata 2 dan JP
14 Stefan van der Leeden 8 kyu 959 NL Go club Seki
15 Sjoerd Kuperus 3 dan NL Utrecht
16 Sinan Djepov 5 dan 2544 BG Slvp
17 Shu-Hsin Lin 3 kyu NL Eindhoven
18 Santiago Laplagne 2 kyu 2086 AR BAi
19 Sander Logtenberg 30 kyu NL Amsterdam
20 Robert Rehm 5 dan NL Amsterdamse Go Club
21 Richard Mullens 8 kyu 1338 GB London City
22 Rémi Campagnie 6 dan 2571 FR
23 Philip Vlummens 9 kyu 1198 BE Ghent
24 Peter Brouwer 5 dan NL Amsterdam
25 Patrick Traill 6 kyu 1479 NL Venlo
26 Ozan Kaşıkci 8 kyu NL -
27 Niels van den Bogaert 3 kyu 1744 NL Amsterdam
28 Niels Runge 2 kyu 1794 NL -
29 Nanko van Egmond 2 kyu 1870 NL Amsterdam
30 Michael Bitzi 3 dan 2303 CH Zurich
31 Matthew Reid 1 kyu 1910 GB Cambridge
32 Manja Marz 4 dan 2352 DE JIGS
33 Maarten Van Steenkiste 4 kyu BE Brugge
34 Lucas Neirynck 5 dan 2512 BE Pantin
35 Liang Tian 4 dan CN Karlsruhe
36 Leyla Kaşıkci 10 kyu NL İstanbul-Go
37 Léon Groenemeijer 5 kyu 1552 NL Amsterdam
38 Laura Pezzoli 15 kyu 602 NL Gouda
39 Klaas van der Laan 10 kyu 1141 NL Groningen
40 Kevin Farrell 1 kyu IE Galway
41 Kasper Meerhof 1 kyu 2034 NL Gouda
42 Justyna Kleczar 1 kyu 1992 PL Go Club Amsterdam Oost
43 Joost Winter 7 kyu 1197 NL Amsterdam
44 John Rogers 16 kyu 534 GB n/a
45 Jan Oosterwijk 1 kyu 1984 NL Heerlen
46 Jaap K. Blom 4 kyu 1500 NL
47 ivo tonkes 4 kyu NL Hoogezand
48 ivo tonkes 4 kyu NL Hoogezand
49 Ivan Suarez 7 kyu FR Le Mans
50 Irek Wegiel 4 kyu PL Warszawa
51 Henk Mourik 3 kyu NL Amsterdam
52 Hans Huisman 11 kyu 1002 NL Go club Salland
53 Hans Verhoeven 5 kyu NL Twee Ogen
54 Hakan Eryargi 3 kyu 1786 TR Amsterdam Oost
55 Hai sen Huang 4 dan CN ch~AH
56 Guillaume Jouret 13 kyu 710 BE Le Pantin
57 Glenn Haygarth 1 kyu 2010 NL Almere
58 George Hadow 3 kyu NL Amsterdam Oost
59 Frank Filius 2 kyu 1904 NL Amsterdam
60 Florian Triger 5 kyu 1600 FR 72(Ma) Le Mans
61 DOHYUP KIM 7 dan KR
62 Dirk Beijaard 13 kyu 837 NL Go Vereniging Almere
63 Dave de Vos 3 dan 2289 NL Baarle
64 Czarina Logtenberg 30 kyu PH Manila
65 Cliff Huang 4 dan NL Eindhoven
66 Chu Volk-Lu 5 dan CN
67 Chris Volk 1 kyu DE Stuttgart
68 Bucco van den Berg 1 dan 2053 NL Groningen
69 Birgit Schendel 7 kyu 1336 DE Hamburg-Harburg
70 Bantla Chafiq 4 dan 2394 DE JIGS
71 Augustin Noir 2 kyu 1690 FR Montreuil
72 Alexander Eerbeek 5 dan 2506 NL Amsterdam Eastside

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