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The 46th Amsterdam International Go Tournament
a European Go Federation bonus points tournament (level B) - Thursday, May 25 – Sunday, May 28, 2017

Traditionally, this is one of the longest running and biggest tournaments in Europe. This event is held over 4 days round Ascension Day with a unique 90 minutes per person per game.
Since the EGF started the European Grand Prix cycle in 2014 the Amsterdam International Go Tournament participated. Winners can earn bonus points that lead to a classification of top European players.

Due to circumstances Catalin Taranu (5P) cannot be present at the Amsterdam Tournament; we regret this very much. We did our best to replace him. The person who will assist you in high level go matters is a former European Champion and insei Rob van Zeijst (7d). He can teach you a lot about go.

For more information on the bonus points tournaments:

Final result

The 2017 Amsterdam Tournament was won by Tanguy Le Calve (6d) from France, with a perfect 7/7 score. Oh Chimin (7d) from Korea took second place, losing only to Tanguy, while Dominik Boviz (6d) from Hungary took 3rd, losing to Chimin and Tanguy. Six players at the top scored 4 points, taking places 4-9.

In the rest of the field, there were individual performance prizes for Cyrille Magnac (8k) who scored 6 points, and for Jan Oosterwijk (1k), Frederic Berthomier (2k), Kevin Farrell (8k) and Pascal Wezenberg (10k) who all scored 5 points. Marika Dubiel (2d) took the prize for best female player.

Full results can be found at:

DNM Rapid Finals

Quarter finals

Welticke, Jonas - Djepov, Sinan 1-0
Huang, Andrew - Boreiko, Anton 1-0
Nederveen, Gerard - Vos, Dave de 1-0
Clenciu, Stefan - Bekooij, Bastiaan 1-0

Semi Finals

Welticke, Jonas - Nederveen, Gerard 1-0
Huang, Andrew - Clenciu, Stefan 1-0

3rd Place
Nederveen, Gerard - Clenciu, Stefan 1-0

Huang, Andrew - Welticke, Jonas 1-0

Main Event

7 rounds McMahon, 90 minutes + 1x30s byoyomi. Japanese rules, 6.5 komi

Registration and first round on Thursday. Friday, Saturaday and Sunday two rounds per day. For futher information see Program


The earlier you register and pay, the cheaper the event is, so register a.s.a.p. to get the best price!

Base price
- €40 for all events [7 rounds] if you register and pay before 1st of April. €45 if you pay in April, €50 if you pay in May (before the 20th)
- €25 for weekend only [4 rounds] if you register and pay before 1st of April. €30 if you pay in April, €35 if you pay in May (before the 20th)
Condition: You must register and pay in advance. If you register and pay at the door, the rate is €55 for all events, €40 for the weekend
Exception: Registrants from countries from where it is not easy or cheap to transfer money to the Netherlands may pre-register online and pay cash at the door, and will pay the price that was current at their time of registration.

- €10 discount if you are a student, youth under 20, or double-digit kyu (10 kyu or weaker)
- €5 discount if you are a member of the Dutch Go Association
(€15 discount if you are both)

Discounts apply to any base price, for the main event or for weekend only registrations.

Participation in the rapid (Friday evening qualifiers, Saturday evening finals) is free for participants of the main event, €5 extra for weekend only participants, or €10 if you only play the rapid.

Please transfer your participation fee to:
IBAN: NL21 INGB 0000 7332 53
Name: St. Go Centre Evenementen


Wednesday, May 24
20:00 – 23:00 Blitz tournament for early arrivals at the location of the Amsterdam Go club: Café Batavia 1920, Prins Hendrikkade 85. The tournament is organized by the club and is free of charge.

Thursday, May 25
12:00 – 13:30 Registration
13:35 – 13:55 Opening ceremony
14:00 – 17:30 First round

Friday, May 26
09:30 – 13:00 Second round
14:00 – 17:30 Third round
19:30 – 23:00 DNM Rapid, Qualifiers (3 rounds, 30min sudden death)

Saturday, May 27
09:30 – 13:00 Fourth round
14:00 – 17:30 Fifth round
18:00 – 20:00 Barbeque, organized by our own top chef, Roel van Kollem
19:30 – 23:00 DNM Rapid, Finals (Quarter Final, Semi Final, Final)

Sunday, May 28
09:30 – 13:00 Sixth round
14:00 – 17:30 Seventh round
17:45 – 18:15 Closing ceremony and prizegiving

Prize Money

Total prize money at the top of the tournament: 1100 euro.
If you win at least 5/7 starting in the supergroup, you always win at least 100 euro.
Prize money is shared equally between players with equal score.

1st place unshared: 500 euro.
1st place shared by 2 players: 400 euro each.
1st place shared by 3 players: 300 euro each (at least)
1st place shared by 4 players or more: divide 1100 euro equally among tied players

2nd place unshared: 300 euro
2nd place shared by 2 players: 200 euro each (at least)
2nd place shared by 3 players or more: divide 600 euro equally among tied players

3rd place unshared: 200 euro (extra 50 euro for 1st and 2nd place each in this case)
3rd place shared: Divide 300 euro equally among tied players.

Special price for the beste female player at the amsterdam tournament

The European Go Cultural Centre in collaboration with Go Shop Keima will sponsor prizes for the top three best female players at the Amsterdam tournament. First prize will be a €100,- cash prize, second and third prize will be €50,- and €25,- gift certificates for purchases at schaak en Go winkel het paard (

If you have any questions, please email to office(AT)go-centre(DOT)nl

Side events

Wednesday: Batavia Blitz

A free blitz tournament for early arrivals will be held on Wednesday evening at Cafe Batavia 1920, Prins Hendrikkade 85, Amsterdam (opposite the Central Station see map). If you want you can have a nice pub meal there before the start of the tournament.

Friday & Saturday: DNM Rapid

On Friday and Saturday evening, a rapid tournament sponsored by DNM-ICT will be held. Friday evening will have three qualifier rounds, Saturday evening will have the best 8 players playing Quarter-Final, Semi-Final and Finals.
Participation is free to anyone who is registered for the main event, €5 extra for weekend only participants, or €10 as a single event.

Saturday: Barbecue Dinner

We are very glad that Roel van Kollem has promised to serve a nice meal on Saturday. He has surprised us in the past with wonderful lunches during previous Rapid tournaments (see picture) and dinners during Summer and Winter Go events. In between the main tournament round and the DNM rapid finals in the evening you can join a delicious barbecue. It will be organized at the venue at a cost of €12,50. You can buy tickets at the venue.

RESCHEDULE: DGT Double Digit tournament

An all day event aimed specifically at beginners.
This tournament is now on July, 7. For details, see

Our Sponsors

The Amsterdam Internation Go Tournament is sponsored by

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Registration 2017 closed!
Register Early to get the best price!

Discounts available

There is a discount of 5 euro for members of the Dutch Go Association (NGoB)

There is a discount of 10 euro for all players aged under 18 and/or ranked as double digit kyu (10 kyu or weaker)



€25 weekend-only
Pay till 15th of April


€30 weekend-only
Pay in April


€35 weekend-only
Pay in May

At Venue

€40 weekend-only
Pay at the Venue




Prins Hendrikkade 85, 1012 AE Amsterdam




Please check the information below yourself. It might not be up-to-date. When you find that to be the case, please inform us

It is recommended to arrange your accommodation in Amsterdam as early as possible. The city is visited by many tourists and whatever kind of place you are planning to stay at will be overbooked during the period of the tournament.

Our recommendation for cheap facilities is camping site Het Amsterdamse Bos. This camping is not far from the tournament site. Prizes range from about € 10,- to € 25,- p.p.p.n. for tent, caravan and camper sites and cabins, chalets and cottages.

How to get there with public transport: catch metro 51 from Kronenburg to Spinnerij and then take a 15 to 20 minute walk

Another possibility would be Camping Zeeburg, tel.: +31-20-6944430. Prices range from about € 11,50 to € 27,- p.p.p.n. for tent, caravan and camper sites and cabins, chalets and cottages.

Youth Hostels

The Flying Pig, Vossiusstraat 46 (Vondelpark), tel. +31-20-4004187 or Nieuwendijk 100, tel. +31-20-4206822. Starting at € about 26,-.
Stayokay, Zandpad 5 (Vondelpark), tel. +31-20-5898996. Starting at € 32.50.
The Globe, Oudezijds Voorburgwal 3, tel. +31-20-4217424. Starting at about € 35.00.

Private accommodation

There is a limited number of private accommodations, so please ask us in advance.
You can also have a look at

Hotels near the tournament site:
Prices start at about € 45 p.p.p.n. We can recommend the Abina Hotel, Amsterdamseweg 193, Amstelveen, tel. +31-20-6401101.

Hotels in Amsterdam city centre:
Prices in the city centre start at about € 50 p.p.p.n.
Hotel Kap, Den Texstraat 5b, tel. +31-20-6245908.
Hotel Asterisk, Den Texstraat 16, tel. +31-20-6262396.
Budget Hotel Euphemia, Fokke Simonszstraat 1-9, tel. +31-20-6229045.

For further information on accommodation and activities in Amsterdam:
I amsterdam
Information on hotels in Amsterdam
Tourist information
Find and book hotel accommodation with
Plan your local trip with public transport
Information on parking in general and cheap parking in Amsterdam


# First Name Last Name Rank Rating Countrysort descending Club
1 Elchin Valishov 10 kyu AZ Azerbaijan GalaGAPI (GO) Federation
2 Rana Valishova 10 kyu AZ Azerbaijan GalaGAPI (GO) Federation
3 Gulchin Valishova 20 kyu AZ Azerbaijan GalaGAPI (GO) Federation
4 Fidan Valishova 20 kyu AZ Azerbaijan GalaGAPI (GO) Federation
5 Umud Valishli 30 kyu AZ Azerbaijan GalaGAPI (GO) Federation
6 Sinan Djepov 5 dan 2450 BG Slvp
7 Matthias Terwey 4 dan DE Münster
8 Juergen Meyer 1 dan 2126 DE Recklinghausen
9 Liang Tian 4 dan DE Karlsruhe
10 Martin Ruzicka 4 dan DE Freiburg
11 Arved Weigmann 3 kyu 1769 DE Potsdam
12 Birgit Schendel 9 kyu 1102 DE Hamburg-Harburg
13 Martin Langer 7 kyu 1395 DE Recklinghausen
14 Gudrun Breitenbauch 10 kyu DE Hamburg-Harburg
15 Jutta Vagedes 9 kyu 1174 DE Recklinghausen
16 Desiree Muehl 3 kyu DE Nuremberg
17 Jonas Welticke 6 dan 2567 DE Bonn
18 Mikko Siukola 4 dan 2422 FI YliGo
19 Riina Arffman 11 kyu 833 FI YliGo
20 Juho Olavi Heikkinen 2 dan 2095 FI PoGo
21 Janne Nikula 2 dan 2136 FI YliGo
22 César Lextrait 4 dan FR Marseille
23 Aldo Moscatelli 2 dan 2122 FR 75Ju
24 Manuel Frangi 2 dan 2206 FR 75 Ju
25 Valérian Bouëtté 2 dan FR Montreuil 93Mo
26 Antoine Fenech 5 dan FR Strasbourg
27 Chimin Oh 7 dan 2762 FR Grenoble
28 jean-yves gourmond 2 dan FR Aligre
29 Tanguy Le Calvé 6 dan 2621 FR Nantes Yosakura
30 Frederic Berthomier 2 kyu FR 75le
31 Yannis Henry 1 dan FR Jussieu (75Ju)
32 Matthew Reid 1 kyu 1991 GB Cambridge
33 John Rogers 18 kyu GB
34 Richard Mullens 6 kyu 1459 GB London City
35 Joel Barrett 9 kyu 1189 GB Manchester
36 Yifu Su 1 dan GB Bristol
37 Dominik Bővíz 6 dan 2582 HU MGE
38 Laszlo Boviz 6 kyu 1523 HU Székesfehérvár
39 Kevin Farrell 8 kyu 1150 IE Galway
40 Dave de Vos 3 dan 2234 NL Tilburg
41 Stefan Clenciu 4 kyu NL None (Rotterdam)
42 Hans Finkelnberg 7 kyu 1438 NL Leiden
43 Johan van Wijngaarden 1 kyu 1984 NL Amstelveen
44 Jan Oosterwijk 1 dan 1966 NL Heerlen
45 René Aaij 4 dan 2402 NL Groningen
46 Shu-Hsin (Kelly) Lin 2 kyu NL Tilburg
47 Klaas van der Laan 10 kyu 1030 NL Groningen
48 Dick Riedeman 3 dan 2187 NL Delft
49 Herman Hiddema 4 dan 2392 NL Groningen
50 gerard nederveen 3 dan 2259 NL
51 Kim Ouweleen 4 dan 2360 NL Amsterdam
52 Bucco van den Berg 4 kyu NL Groningen
53 Roel van Kollem 2 kyu 1788 NL Amsterdam
54 Ronald Verhagen 1 dan 2029 NL Go Club Almere
55 Steven van Dijk 8 kyu 1195 NL Gouda
56 Geert Groenen 5 dan 2469 NL Den Haag
57 Yi-Feng Huang 4 dan 2416 NL Eindhoven
58 Bastiaan Bekooij 3 kyu NL Drienerlose Go Club
59 Alexander Eerbeek 5 dan 2457 NL -
60 Nanko van Egmond 3 kyu 1710 NL Amsterdamse Go Club
61 Henk Mourik 2 kyu NL Amstelveen
62 Gerold Nicolasen 12 kyu 743 NL Utrecht
63 Huib Olij 5 kyu 1508 NL Utrecht
64 Dan Mircea Damian 1 dan 2108 NL
65 Hans Verhoeven 4 kyu 1579 NL Twee Ogen / Amstelveen
66 Teake Haagsma 4 kyu NL Amstelveen, de Twee Ogen
67 Jaap K. Blom 3 kyu NL leid
68 Matyas Simonyi 8 kyu NL Amsterdamse go club
69 Emil Riedeman 9 kyu 1146 NL Delft
70 Frank Filius 2 kyu 1932 NL Amsterdam Go Club
71 Ryanke Pars 7 kyu NL Groningen
72 Justyna Kleczar 2 kyu 1890 NL Amsterdam
73 Merijn de Jong 3 dan NL Utrecht
74 Léon Groenemeijer 5 kyu 1304 NL Amsterdam
75 Marika Dubiel 2 dan NL
76 Robert Rehm 5 dan 2391 NL AGC
77 Irek Wegiel 4 kyu PL Warszawa
78 Krongkamon MEKMOK 1 dan 2080 TH Phuket
79 Hakan Eryargi 3 kyu 1789 TR
81 Anton Boreiko 1 dan 2072 UA
82 Andrew Huang 5 dan US Princeton

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